Zodiac Wooden Shelf

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Beautiful Zodiac sign shelves. A mix of Astrology and magic to create a sacred place for you to store your crystals and a unique personal artwork to display in your home!

Inner shelf depth of each shelf is just under and inch which makes them perfect for tumble stones, small crystals and crystal points. The height of each shelf compartment varies from shelf to shelf. Take a look at a close up of each shelf and the crystals inside to get an idea of how tall each section is.

The depth of the shelves for crystal storage is 3.6cm  

Dimensions -

Libra - height 42cm x width 37cm

Taurus -  height 35cm x width 40cm

Aries -  height 35cm x width 38cm

Aquarius - height 30cm x width 44cm

Capricorn - height 34cm x width 33cm

Sagittarius -  height 44cm x width 29cm

Leo -  height 35cm x width 33cm

Pisces -  height 44cm x width 33cm

Virgo -  height 34cm x width 34cm

Gemini -  height 31cm x width 33cm



" Be Noble For You Are Made Of Stars"