Our story

I’m Kate the owner and human behind Coppermoon.

I started back in 2014 with no art degree but simply a love of woodworking handed down to me by my father who has taught me everything I know since I was 13. Tinkering away in his wood shop brought me hours of joy growing up!

Coppermoon was born at a yoga festival where I made copper crystal pendants and sold them casually sat on the grass with all of my designs spread out onto a blanket, I was astonished when they all sold and with these lovely festival friends asking me if I had a website, I felt inspired to give it a go and open an Etsy shop!! Since studying Geology at university and being obsessed with fossils, crystals and the moon it didn’t take me long to put my woodworking skills to good use and branched out into wooden displays and artworks to go into my shop too!

It was around this time that I began focussing more on my own spiritual development and I was drawn to create a sacred space in my home that felt safe, calm, surrounded by items and symbolic symbols that brought me stillness, beauty and a sense of divine universal energy! I founded Coppermoon from this belief that everyone needs sanctuary and sacred spaces within their home. Inner and outer spiritual work can go hand in hand in creating a more mindful and spiritual life and when we take time to do our own healing and self-love practices we can have the capacity & energy to share this love with the people around us.

The early years 

I spent 4 years between 2014-2018 dreaming up ideas and creating everything on my own as a one woman show in my little log cabin and garage in the garden,….those of you who have been following me for a while will remember the ceiling covered in fairy lights and tons of crystals up on all the shelves!!

My Fiancé then joined me in late 2018 and in 2019 we moved into and renovated an old pig barn on part of a rural estate where there are many other creators and artists who have done the same thing. It feels amazing work somewhere with such beautiful views and to be part of a creative community with other small businesses

..... I constantly keep pinching myself to confirm that this is actually my life!!

 I am truly blessed to have a small amazing little team of 4 (usually whizzing around me telling jokes and Harry Potter puns, we are a magical bunch) who alongside me handcraft everything from scratch with so much love and intention! 

Our goal is to be as ethical and sustainable as we can! We use the friendliest possible materials to the environment, all of our wood is responsibly sourced and FSC approved and we always try to repurpose, recycle and aim to be as good to mama Earth as we can…. Click here to get more insight into our values. 

Some personal things about me.. 

I am 32 years old, based in the south of the U.K. in a magical area called The New Forest. When I started this Buisiness in early 2014, never did I EVER dream it would evolve into what it is today, with my own small team who are also obsessed with everything magical, mystical and spiritual like me!
I love creating artwork in so many different forms and working with different mediums, wood, mirror, crystals and designing on illustrator and photoshop when I have the time. I consider myself so lucky and I truly love what I do!

When im not woodworking and getting dusty or sat at my computer designing something magical you can usually find me in the forest bathing under trees day dreaming or wild swimming in the local rivers. Nature heals my soul and makes me feel alive.

Working on my inner growth is important to me and my daily routine involves yoga and meditation, even if sometimes its just a 10 minute flow and pulling some affirmation and tarot cards on a busy day. Im also obsessed with Qigong and yoga Nidra (a form of yogic sleep which is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping) you can learn more about this here……..who doesn’t enjoy being snuggled up in a blanket and having a good story read to you!!

I also LOVE reading and these are some of my favourite reads to date....Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Elkhart Tolle The Power of Now, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Thank you to all of you for making not just mine but my little teams experience such a beautiful one and for allowing us to continue to sprinkle our magic into your homes! I feel incredibly humbled and blessed to have a community of people who are so incredibly kind and thoughtful, who inspire me daily and show me so much love and support. Thank you for continuing to support my magical Business, I truly believe we are ‘living the dream’ and its all thanks to YOU!

Please do have a browse & feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or just fancy a chat.

Sending Blessings & Abundance to you