Coppermoon Yin Yang Sun and Moon Zen Wall Art, Boho Decor Spiritual Wall Art, Wall Hanging ideal as Witchy Decor, Goth Decor or Boho Decor

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Introducing our Yin Yang Sun and Moon Zen Wall Art

An original wooden design handcrafted by Kate and her small team at Coppermoon.


Width 43 cm, Height 43 cm, Depth 2.5 cm

Made out of Poplar wood, stained and completed with botanical cut outs in the wood

This design is perfect as a piece spiritual wall art and provides a calming aura to your home with zen decor. The Yin and Yang shows a balance between two opposites with a portion of the opposite element in each section expressing duality. Their interaction is thought to maintain the harmony of the universe and to influence everything within it

This Ying Yang decor will come ready to hang on the wall with the included attachments. The Sun and moon pattern makes it a perfect piece of sun and moon decor doubling as a piece of witchy wall decor, meditation decor or boho wall art.

Just as the Yin and Yang represents both halves of the universe showing inside of everything is a small piece of something else even its opposite we too have tried to achieve this with our product with themes of bohemian, goth decor and witch. Allowing this piece to be used as boho decor, witchy decor or even gothic home decor depending on your individual preferences.

We plant a tree for each order placed!

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