Coppermoon Wolf and Moon Crystal Shelf-Moon dcor, Wolf Gift, Witchy Dcor, Crystal dcor, Spice Rack, Wolf moon Shelf, Gothic Decor,

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Introducing our new Wolf and Moon Crystal Shelf

Original wooden designs handcrafted by Kate and her small team at Coppermoon to bring a bit of magic and sacredness to your home.

Designed in a magical way to reflect her wild spirit and the wisdom of the wolf ad Moon symbols.
The wolf spirit animal conveys strength and courage. A symbol of freedom and wisdom wolves often appear to guide your journey of self-discovery.

She is made out of poplar wood and stained in a dark brown oak or Black colour.

This piece is primarily designed to be hung on a wall using the included attachments. It is designed to bring you the magic of the moon! It is perfect for holding your crystals and keepsakes bringing more sacredness to your home.

The Coppermoon Wolf and Moon Crystal shelf is able to be used as a Crystal shelf, a Spice rack or a Moon shelf, it is ideally suited to store your witchy dcor, witchy gifts, your goth dcor or your wolf gift.

We have designed the wolf moon shelf to be the ideal reflection of moon dcor and crystal dcor.

We hope that it is the perfect item to transform your home and inspire your journey through spiritualisation.

39 cm High x 33 cm Wide x 4 cm Deep (for storage)