Coppermoon Pendulum board Light Wood Divination Set 19 x 19cm - Dowsing chart Witchy Gifts, Charm Divination mat, Witchcraft Divination Tools

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Welcome to the mystical realm of divination with our enchanting Coppermoon Pendulum Board Light Wood Divination Set available in both a dark and light wood variant!

Unlock the secrets of the universe and tap into your intuitive powers with this exquisite divination kit crafted for the modern mystic. Our Coppermoon Pendulum Board is not just a charm divination mat; it's a portal to the unseen, a conduit for your inner wisdom, and a key to unlocking the energies that surround you with these divination tools.

Key Features:

Wooden Elegance: Handcrafted with precision and care, the pendulum stand boasts a rich wooden finish, combining aesthetic charm with natural energy.

Versatile Divination: Perfect for a variety of divination practices, including scrying, charm casting, and witchcraft rituals. Explore the depths of your spiritual journey with this versatile tool.

Witchy Gifts: Ideal for the modern witch or spiritual seeker, this divination set makes for a thoughtful and unique gift. Share the magic with your fellow seekers by adding to their witch kit with this spiritual gift.

Width 19cm (7.5 inch)
Height 19cm (7.5 inch)
Depth: 0.9cm

Available in both a dark wood and light wood variant

How to Use:

Connect with Intent: Set your intentions and focus your energy on the question or area of your life you wish to explore.

Let the pendulum guide you as it moves over the dowsing chart. The subtle movements reveal insights and answers from the universe.

You can also use the divination mat for scrying rituals, enhancing your connection to the mystical realms and receiving visions beyond the ordinary.

Embrace the magic of divination with the Coppermoon Pendulum Board Light Wood Divination Set. Elevate your spiritual practice while having a magical piece of witchy decor. Perfect for witches, seekers, and those who dance with the energies of the universe. Order yours now and unlock the secrets that await!