Coppermoon Brown Moon Phases Crystal Shelf, Wooden shelves for Essential Oils, Altar Shelf, Moon Shelf Witchy Decor, Spice Rack Witchy Gifts

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Original Coppermoon Three piece moon phase shelves

Introducing the captivating Moon Phases Crystal Shelf by Coppermoon - a celestial masterpiece meticulously crafted from Poplar wood and stained in an enchanting brown finish. Created by Kate and her small team, this original design is more than a shelf; it's a conduit for magic and sacred energy in your home.

The moons can also be arranged facing outwards as well as inwards and can also be used to create crystal boxes on a flat surface.

Elevate your space with the allure of moon phases and crystals, as this handcrafted altar shelf becomes a mesmerizing focal point. The inner shelves, with a depth just under 1 inch, provide a perfect stage for your crystals to shine. Before purchasing, ensure your crystals fit snugly, and watch as they become a central element of this eye-catching and statement piece.

Versatility meets mystique with the Moon Phases Crystal Shelf. Arrange the moon-shaped shelves facing outward or inward, allowing you to customize your display to suit your aesthetic preferences. These lunar-inspired shelves can also be creatively used to store crystals, essential oils and trinkets on a flat surface, providing a dynamic and artistic way to showcase your crystal collection.

Designed for enthusiasts of goth decor, moon decor, and witchy decor vibes, this apothecary shelf seamlessly integrates into your desired aesthetic. The small crescent moons at the ends of the shelf offer a perfect nook for your tumble stones or petite crystals, adding an extra layer of charm to your display.

Embrace the magic of the Moon Phases Crystal Shelf an ideal addition to your collection of wooden shelves. Whether you're a seasoned witch or a crystal enthusiast, this piece promises to infuse your space with a touch of otherworldly allure. Explore the realms of moon phases, goth decor, and witchy gifts, and let this unique creation by Coppermoon be the focal point of your mystical sanctuary.

Enhance the enchantment further by using the moon shelf as a sophisticated Essential Oil Holder or Spice Rack, seamlessly blending practicality with the mystical allure of moonlit aesthetics. Elevate your rituals and indulge your senses with this captivating fusion of craftsmanship and magic, the Moon Phases Crystal Shelf awaits to become the centrepiece of your sacred space.


Full moon is 27cm in Width and 25cm in Height

Crescent moons are 26cm in Width and 25cm in Height

Depth of the shelves for storage is 2.5cm

The shelf height for the middle compartment on each of the moons is approximately 8 cm