Seed Of Life Moonphase Shelves

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You are looking at Coppermoons iconic set of moonphase shelves, made out of Poplar wood and stained in a matt black colour these are a real eye catching and statement piece for your home. The set comes ready to hang on the wall with an included paper template to help you when your hanging them into positioning on your wall.

This version is a new design form the original which includes a Seed Of Life design to replace the full moon in the middle! 

As you can see in picture number 2 you can also have the moons facing outwards as well as inwards, these can also be used on a table as flat lay crystal boxes.

These shelves are perfect for your crystals with inner shelves that are just under 1 inch deep for your crystals to sit on, please make sure you measure your crystals before purchasing to make sure they will fit, the very small crescent moons on the end are for your tumble stones or very small crystals.


the full moon is 11.5 inches in diameter

The inner shelf height of all of the moons is 3.2 inches tall

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Your Shelves will be packaged securely and sent in a small box. It will not include a paper invoice as its more environmentally friendly not too, please ask if you would like one

Please contact me if you have any questions

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