Whether you are looking for ways to enhance your spiritual work, or simply want to add a little extra positive energy in your home, creating a personal altar space is becoming a widely popular practice. Some feel the need to set up one single and elaborate altar space in one specific spot, but creating a number of mini altar spaces around your home and work space can be just as (if not more) effective — particularly if you happen to live in a small apartment and don’t have room to accommodate a larger altar.

But first, what exactly is a personal altar, anyway?

A personal altar is a designated sacred space in your home, typically a table or platform, adorned with high vibrational items that help you to ground, get centered, and attune to the spiritual realm where you can more easily connect with your higher self and with universal energy.

Personal altars are great for focusing and amplifying energy, setting intentions, manifesting, prayer, divination, working with your intuition, dream work, spell work, or for mindful journaling and quiet meditation.


Your personal altar is unique to you and should only include that which truly resonates with your spirit, so the only rule to follow when creating one is to listen closely to your intuition when it comes to choosing items and how to arrange them.

That said, many altar spaces include some combination of items from nature to honor the earth that supports our physical bodies. Items that represent the elements (earth, water, air and fire) also keep us grounded when we are working in the spiritual realms.

These can be small bowls of salt or soil, plants or flowers, essential oils, crystals or gemstones, a small water fountain, sea shells, drift wood, incense, bells, feathers, and candles.

Other items to consider are Tarot decks, oracle cards, Rune stones, pendulums, prayer beads, totems or pieces of art to honor your power animals or gods/goddesses/angels you may be working with, photos and mementoes of loves ones who have passed on, and any other trinkets that hold special meaning to you or represent a goal that you are working on manifesting


To set up a mini altar, first choose a space that will not be disrupted. Wooden display shelves are great for mini altars, but a small stand will work just as well, so long as it is safe from being touched and moved around by any children or guests.

Take some time to clean the space — dust, sweep, vacuum — to remove any physical impurities, then clear the space of any lingering negative or stagnant energy. You can do this by smudging with sage, lighting a candle, with Reiki, or simply imagining a bright light enveloping the space with warmth and love.

Next, give yourself a moment meditate and be still, and set your intention for your mini altar.

When you are ready, you can start placing your items. Again, let your intuition guide you, and you can even give each item a little blessing as you set them down.

That’s it! Easy peasy. Just remember to tend to your altar regularly to keep the physical space clean and the energy clear.


Journaling and dream analysis are key when doing any intuitive work — even if you're just starting out and working on strengthening your intuition. When creating a bedside altar, a journal, a special pen, oracle cards and other divination tools are ideal additions.

If you work with power animals or angels, you may want to include a small honorary totem or statue as well.

There are a number of crystals that are great for activating the third eye and enhancing intuitive abilities, and for easing anxiety and promoting restful sleep. Here are some we recommend:

Amethyst: Relieves stress, alleviates insomnia, opens the third eye chakra
Kyanite: Promotes deep meditative states and aids in dream recall
Laboradorite: Enhances psychic abilities
Moonstone: Aids in lucid dreaming, intuitive work, and restful sleep
Celestine: Bridges a connection to the spiritual realm

If you already use aromatherapy or interested in trying it, a small diffuser with lavender, vetiver, chamomile, or jasmine essential oils will help you relax and drift off in no time.


The living room is where we gather with family and friends, and therefore the perfect spot to create a mini altar that works to amplify love energy and reinforce harmony, connection and communication.

A living room altar would also be an ideal place to honor ancestors, family members, and friends who have passed on, and keep their spirits alive and welcome in your home.

You may want to include a few photographs and mementos, and a white candle to radiate warmth and light.

Some crystals we recommend are:

Rose quartz: Opens the heart chakra and promotes comfort and compassion
Jade: Balances and harmonizes
Lapiz lazuli: Encourages truth, honesty, and communication
Amazonite: Attracts good luck and prosperity
Angelite: Soothes nerves and assists in connecting with the spiritual realm

Your place of work is likely where you spend most of your time during the day, so whether you commute to an office or have an office in your home, keeping a mini altar in your workspace is great for staying focused, boosting creativity and manifesting abundance — not to mention protecting yourself from harmful EMFs emitted from your computer, your Wi-Fi, and your phone!

Keeping a small Jade plant has been known to promote good fortune and prosperity, and makes a lovely addition to a workspace altar. You may also want to place a small coin next to or underneath it to encourage financial growth.

Some crystals we recommend are:

Fluorite: Helps with concentration and focus
Citrine: Stimulates brain activity, creativity, and confidence
Green Aventurine: Motivates and attracts opportunity and good fortune
Shungite: Boosts energy and protects against EMFs


Finally, the entrance to your home is an opportune spot to set up a mini altar for protection.

Simply keeping a few crystals such as black tourmaline, jet, black obsidian, or selenite on a shelf or small table by the door will work to absorb and cleanse any negative energy that comes through.