The Illuminated Tarot

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The Illuminated Tarot

The Illuminated Tarot folds together the tarot's traditional Major and Minor Arcana into a 53-card deck that can be used for either gameplay or personal reflection.


Traditional tarot decks like the Order Waite Smith deck have 78 cards: 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana. The Illuminated Tarot has 52 cards like a standard playing card deck. The Joker (The Fool) is the 53rd card.

In The Illuminated Tarot, the Major Arcana are combined with specific Minor Arcana cards. To determine which cards would be combined, I used numerology correspondence and my own intuition, based on research of traditional card meanings. The Illuminated Tarot has Jacks, which correspond to tarot's Pages, but does not include Knights.

Tarot was originally a card game and evolved alongside traditional playing cards, so the suits correspond: Swords = Spades, Cups = Hearts, Wands = Clubs, Coins/Pentacles = Diamonds. Each suit has a specific connotation which is described in the guidebook.