Sacred Crystals Box

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Introducing our new Sacred Crystals Box!!

a collection of beautiful hand picked crystals, jewellery and art and each item that's curated to be included in our boxes goes through a series of intention, purification, and selection. The intention of this box is to bring forth magic and wisdom from these crystals to accompany and grow your existing collection or for novice crystal collectors to begin a new exciting journey!

Inside your Sacred Crystals Box will be - 

☽ Raw Apatite Crystal 

☽ Raw Rainbow Carborundum Crystal

☽ Raw Amethyst Crystal Cluster 

☽ Raw Citrine Cluster

☽ Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal

☽ 1 x Moon Necklace on Vegan suede string 

☽ 1 x Crystal healing art display card 

☽ 1 x art card 

☽  1 x affirmation card


Boxes will be sent as a tracked service and will not include a paper invoice in case they are sent as a gift


If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch!


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