Moonflower Soy Crystal Candle

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✦ Introducing our new Moonflower Soy candle ✦

Our Moonflower candle has been made to reflect the energy of the Full & New moon with beautifully paired natural essential oils...

-Ylang Ylang, ruled by Venus, has a sweet, floral scent, associated with romance, love, and sexuality, lending peace and calm to any atmosphere. It softens the heart chakra and deepens your connection to self.

- Lavender supplies patience as we fortify during the New Moon phase. Sometimes our outer worlds don’t catch up as quickly as we want, and this oil helps infuse the trust of Divine Timing into any type of manifestation work.

-Geranium allows the body to recuperate from all that deep work that has been done releasing and re-patterning during the entire Moon cycle. This oil is also an antidepressant and can help any heavy feelings associated with these deep phases of the Moon

- And finally sweet Orange to promote an uplifting mood in your home and to help relieve stress!

This candle jar can be used again once it has finished its burn, it can be used to hold crystals, flowers and anything your heart desires and with the engraved wooden lid it will make for a beautiful glass container for your home! 

  • 325g Soy wax candle
  • Comes complete with a wooden engraved lid
  • Handmade and poured with love in the UK
  • Burn time of 50+ hours 
  • Comes complete with a Rainbow Moonstone tumblestone 
  • Scented with essential oils and NO synthetic fragrances and nasties!


🌲 We plant a tree for each order placed!

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Your order will be wrapped and packaged securely. It will not include a paper invoice as its more environmentally friendly not too, please ask if you would like one.


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