Moon Ritual Notepad Pack

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 Moon Ritual Notepad Pack 

These Moon Ritual notepads are a beautiful accompaniment to your sacred rituals. They have been designed specifically for the Full and the New moon and can help you manifest and cleanse in a beautiful structured way. These notepads will come with two guide cards which explain how to perform a Full/New Moon Ritual and also some prompts and ideas for what to write - Manifesting for the New Moon and releasing for the Full Moon.

Once you have written your goals and things you would like to manifest for the new moon you can tear off the top page and place it somewhere you can see it over the coming weeks on your altar.

With the Full Moon you can write down everything that isn't positively serving you and rid it from your life by tearing off the front cover and burning it (safely in a fire proof vessel) 

Both Notebooks are A6 size, have 50 pages each and have thick 120 gsm sheets to write on. They are a beautiful reminder to express yourself with these powerful moon times and to welcome in some inner deep healing and gratitude!


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