Grow Magical Botanical Affirmation Cards

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 Introducing our new Grow Magical Botanical Affirmation cards!  

Individually designed cards to make a striking addition to your daily spiritual and mindful practices and are designed to be in tune with nature and plant magic. 

Your affirmation card set comes with:

15 unique affirmation cards all designed around plant magic!!

A card describing and explaining the ways you can use your affirmation cards .

A metal keepsake tin to store your cards in.

Affirmation cards are a magical tool to help you start each day with mindfulness and positivity.

Affirmations can be applied to nearly all undesirable situations. Focusing on negative thoughts can generally have harmful effects on your outlook on life. Words can have such an amazing impact on the way that we think and the more we say something the more we believe it to be true. Consequently repeating statements that are positive relating too specific situations can alter our thought processes, behaviour and how we approach things. 

You can use your affirmation cards for daily draws, as a shuffle pack and for using with meditation and manifesting!

Made from high quality card stock and larger than your average tarot or affirmation cards.  

 🌲 We plant a tree for each order placed!

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Your order will be wrapped and packaged securely. It will not include a paper invoice as its more environmentally friendly not too, please ask if you would like one.