Moonphase Crystal Set

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A crystal set designed for working with the moon phases. Each hand selected crystal comes in a pouch and all chosen due to their properties and how they are linked to each phase of the moon.

Your Moonphase bag is made from silver satin. Inside your set is 8 crystal tumblestones and a 30mm Selenite ball which comes with a copper ring for it to sit on so that it doesn't roll around. You can use your crystals by holding them during the moon phase which it is or you can use it during your crystal gridding. Your set will also come with an information card on what each phase of the moon means and the crystal companion that is associated with it.

working with the moon cycle can be extremely rewarding as well as insightful and grounding, this intention set is so beautiful and will make a real difference to your spiritual practice!

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Your set will be packaged bubble wrapped and sent in a small box. It will not include a paper invoice as its more environmentally friendly not too, please ask if you would like one.

Please contact me if you have any questions

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