Tea Magic Box

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Introducing our new Tea Magic Box! ☾

A perfect gift for yourself or other tea lovers this box is brimming with cosmic magic. Inside is 2 bags of Organic loose leaf tea from the Tarn & Moon tea company which is multi-infuse, this means that it can be brewed multiple times!

You will also receive a solid Walnut wood tea strainer made by us with a cut out cosmic moon and stars design and a Stainless Steel mesh basket to brew your loose leaf tea. 


And lastly our Celestial mug which features iridescent highlights inspired by the hues of the night sky, and twinkles of galaxy gold on the body of the mug, as well as the handle. Plus, the quote 'stay wild moon child' on the front and back.

 Dimensions of mug - L8cm x W8cm x H11 cm



please get in touch if you have an questions


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