Crystal Stainless Steel water bottle

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****Choose which crystal to be on the top ******

Introducing our new crystal stainless steel water bottle for hot and cold drinks!

A reusable water bottle that you can take on-the-go with you, with a crystal of your choosing imbedded into the top of the beautiful bamboo wood screw lid. This Water bottle has been hand picked by us for its superior quality, the bamboo lid is sturdy with a rubber seal and a small carry handle and the body of the water bottle is very thick and able to keep hot drinks warm for up to 8 hours!

We have engraved the phases of the moon down the middle and tied in with the crystal on the top we think this is a magical way of having a reusable on-the-go water bottle! 


Capacity - 500ml or approximately 18 oz

Size Width - 7 cm


Please choose from the crystals below - 

Rose Quartz (Pink) - A stone for Love and peace.

White Howlite - To aid in self-awareness and calming the mind

Rhodonite (Pink and black) - Activates the heart and is a stone of compassion. 

Turquoise (blue green) - A stone of protection and past life awakenings